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Learn a language without leaving your home.
We make sure your course book arrives at your home and your teacher logs in once, twice or three times a week for an hour-long online class.
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- An intake by phone to determine your level, in order to design your best course 
- A minimum of six hours of online class with audio and video  
including conversation in your target language
- By means of a course book, you receive this at home
- Some homework after every class, to be reviewed during the next online class 
- The opportunity to communicate with and ask questions to the teacher by e-mail


- Choose between an online class once, twice or three times a week  
depending on your choice a six-lesson-course will take either six, three or two weeks
- Number of classes: minimum of six, no maximum


Online course with six hours of online class: €400
€300 education, €50 course book, €50 administration

Prolongation per 2 lessons à €110