Business Language courses

Language as a tool in international business

Are you an employer and are you looking for a business language course for yourself or your employees?
Would you like (your employees) to learn German, French, Dutch or English?
Is your company moving into a new market and would you like your team to become proficient in a new language?

We provide tailor made language courses for your business.

Lowering the barrier of speaking the foreign language will be an important point of attention.
We focus on using the language in real life work situations like face to face conversations with clients,
presentations, phone calls and writing e-mails.

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Bos en duin
The structure:

- A interview in advance, to design your desired course and determine the level.
- A series of two-hour in-company language classes.
- Classes with reference to a method or course book for each student, this becomes your property.
- Some homework, to be discussed in the next class. 
- Completion with a participation certificate.


- We organise business courses on a nice location by the sea ór in-house. 
- The above description is about our in-house courses.
- Our weekly in-house courses can be booked in your number of two-hour classes.
  We advise to book a series of one class a week, for six to eight weeks at a time.
- Repetition after a year, 'refresher course'.
- Intensive courses on consecutive days by the sea are also a possibility. 
- For such courses, overnight accomodation is optional. 
  Our locations are always within walking distance of the beach, e.g. Bos en Duin in Oostkapelle, Zuiderduin nearby Zoutelande and De Zeeuwse Stromen on Schouwen-Duiveland. 
- Recently we added our 'in the city' concept on a charming location in Middelburg city: De sprenck
- The amount of consecutive days for the intensive course, varying from three to six.


- In-house: € 200 - 250 per two-hour session + one-off € 50 per student for course material (this becomes your property). 
- Contact us for prices and the options for several day courses by the sea

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