Prices & Schedule

We can safely provide language courses up to ten persons according to Dutch Covid-19 regulations and in accordance with our own sense of responsibility. On the course locations, we expect our host as well as our students to take the necesarry care, security and hygiene measures in common responsibility. We continue to offer our intensive language courses from home with digital guidance, find more information here.


Prices for long-weekend language courses vary from €550 to €700.
For mid-week courses (five days) you pay between €700 and €850.
Week courses (six days) cost between €850 and €950.
Online courses start at €400, find more information here.


CourseLevelDates 2020PriceLocationSignup
Dutch, Spanish, Italian, English, German, French All Continuously from €400
see here
Online Signup
Dutch, long weekend        Beginners   €570    Signup
Spanish, midweek Beginners & Advanced   €750-900    Signup
Spanish, long weekend     €550-700     Signup
English, long weekend          Signup
German, midweek         Signup
German, long weekend         Signup
Dutch, midweek         Signup
Dutch, long weekend         Signup
French, long weekend         Signup


Included in the prices are: language tuition of respectively 13 (four days), 18 (five days) and 22 (six days) hours on a nice location near the beach, lunch on regular course days, unlimited coffee, tea and water during the course, course material (a book, this becomes your property) and a participation certificate.

Overnight stays and minimum group size

The prices are excluding overnight stays - possible at all our locations- and based on participation of at least five persons. Overnight stays are between €45 and €200 extra per night, depending on the season and the location. We are happy to provide a quote for overnight stays at your course location. 

NB: Our General Conditions apply to all our courses. 
They include, among other things, that courses can proceed with a minimum of six participants, that a deposit is obligatory and that you will receive a complete refund in case of cancellation due to a shortage of registrations or illnes of a language teacher.